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Why you need these 5 attacking players in your FPL side

Why you need these 5 attacking players in your FPL side

Why these 5 attacking players should be in your FPL side

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Following a study carried out last year by sports studies boffins they deducted that out of all factors that influenced how likely a player was to score goals, the number one factor by a country mile was the amount of shots per game by a player. Wow – so someone got paid to come up with that piece of groundbreaking research! Hardly rocket science is it, and I’m sure we could have found that link without needing 5 degrees, a couple of doctorates and a huge research budget – but it is a good back up stat to use when we are making a statement that says you NEED to have these 5 players in your side.

Now, before we go any further, it is fair to say that there is more to FPL than goals and if we look at the likes of Mesut Ozil who has been an assist machine this season then that is clear to see, but on the whole, everyone wants goals in their teams and if you can get most of these players in your teams that we are suggesting today then the chances are you will have a very good start to 2016.

First off, lets look at the 10 players who have the most shots per game in the Premier League. All of these players incidentally have made at least 13 appearances in the league this season.

Aaron Ramsey – 2.8 Shots per game

Yaya Toure – 3.1 Shots per game

Graziano Pelle – 3.3 Shots per game

Odion Ighalo – 3.4 Shots per game

Jamie Vardy – 3.5 Shots per game

Romelu Lukaku – 3.5 Shots per game

Sergio Aguero – 3.6 Shots per game

Harry Kane – 3.7 Shots per game

Alexis Sanchez – 4.1 Shots per game

Philippe Coutinho – 4.5 Shots per game

It is not surprising that for the purpose of this article our top 5 players come from this list of the Premier League’s top shooters, but who makes our list?

Yaya Toure: Man City £8.7m

3 Premier League goals in his last 4 outings has made Yaya one of the most sought after midfielders once again after a slow start to the 2015/16 campaign. A rising price looks set to continue and he represents a good value alternative to the likes of KDB and David Silva who both have less points than the runner up African Footballer of the Year after a very strong showing of recent form. At 3.1 shots per game it is no surprise that the Man City midfielder now has an ownership rating of 17.1% and he is the player on this list who has the most assists (matched only by Lukaku) with 5 to match the 5 goals that he has scored this season.

Odion Ighalo: Watford £6.4m

Ighalo really has been a breath of fresh air this season and he has scored consistently against all level of opponents with really good showings against Spurs and Chelsea of late. Watford are in good form and look set to have a good 2016 with a very good run of fixtures to come over the next 10 games.

There has been debate over Deeney and Ighalo and who is the best to back in FPL, but the stats support the £6.4m forward who was linked to Arsenal earlier this month (but that doesn’t look set to materialise thankfully) and with Ighalo being the second best striker in the league (in terms of FPL points) and with an average of 3.4 shots per game, it is worth sticking with Nigerian goal getter as your cheap third striker for a good while yet.

Wondering who we picked for our other 3 players? You will need to read our full (members) article here to do so. One of either Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku will be making way… find out who it is here. Want to start a 14 day free trial membership? Sign up here.

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