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will aguero be fit for new season 2015/16

will aguero be fit for new season 2015/16

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Will Aguero and Sanchez be fit for the start of the season?

It is probably not a coincidence that two of the top three players from last seasons Fantasy Premier League found themselves playing against each other in the Copa America final on the 4th July 2015. A game that went all the way to penalties and saw the hosts Chile win on penalties (courtesy of a delicate Alexis Sanchez chip) means that the players playing in this game were given just a month to be fit and ready for the start of the 2015/16 EPL season – something that is pretty much impossible to do considering they require a break and some form of pre-season.

With Aguero and Sanchez rightly being two of the most expensive players in Fantasy Premier League the question is… will they be fit for the start of the season?

In all likelihood the answer will be no. The same of course applying to Angel Di Maria (although he looks like he is on his way out of the Premier League) and any other player who played to the end of the South American competition.

Most teams started pre-season training in early July, giving the players two weeks of fitness training before playing any friendly games. A programme of around 4-5 weeks of friendly games is what most clubs follow and even then, most players would say they are not fully match fit until a few games in to the new season.

Of course, Aguero and co could go straight in to pre-season but this hasn’t happened and won’t happen as the players need a break for a psychological an physiological reasons.


Tipping the fitness scales

Most importantly is the current fitness and future fitness of the players in question. Scientifically, all players need a break every now and again. The demands of the Premier League, Champions League, domestic cup competitions and then international fixtures are very grueling and take their toll on the human body. Although it is easy to see players like Aguero and Sanchez as almost inhuman sometimes – of course they are not, and as such need the resting time to prevent further injury.

Premier League clubs do not give their players an off season just to be kind, it is required to prevent burn out and fatigue which in turn makes players more susceptible to injury.

Rushing a player back from a competition such as the Copa America with lots of matches played in a short space of time, is a recipe for disaster and the last thing Pellegrini or Wenger will want is an injury to their star players early in the season. Luckily for them, the sports scientists at the clubs will ensure that this risk is minimised as much as possible and consequently this will mean that we are unlikely to see these players for the first few weeks. We will look at timescales shortly.


It’s all in the mind

It is also important for players to have an end of season break for psychological reasons. The differences between top professional players and amateur players is often as little as 1% skill, but the big difference comes in the mind set of the players. Therefore, the psychological state of a player is important to managers and a pre season break is seen as important for players to refresh and refocus.

Again, a period of 4 weeks is usually prescribed but most Premier League clubs will give players 5-6 weeks before re-calling them. Players involved in international duty are used to having less time but 2-3 weeks minimum is required usually.

When will Aguero and Sanchez be fit to play?

So you have probably skipped right down to this part of the article (I would have to be honest) if you are desperate to know when Aguero will be fit to start for Man City and when Sanchez will be fit for selection by Arsene Wenger.

The honest answer is that we don’t know for sure. Man City have been very quiet on Aguero but we know for sure that Alexis Sanchez is on holiday until 3rd August (we share the same travel agent) 2015 so we expect to see him back in an Arsenal team towards the end of August, maybe even early September – so perhaps Gameweek 4 or 5 for him. It is most likely that the same will be said of Aguero but we do say that with a slightly lower degree of confidence.


Players likely to miss the start of the season due to Copa America:

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Spotted Aguero and co on holiday or homeward bound on an airplane? Let us know – fact or fiction – we fancy a laugh.

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