Provide a Perfect Look to Your Necktie through Custom Tie Boxes

The necktie is used as a special part of the professional costume. As you have noticed that many reputed companies have passed the rule to wear a tie. Not so far you have also seen in a bank, almost all the staff wear ties. Additionally, the school uniform also has a tie. In many events, people like to wear a tie because it shows a professional look. So in the case of its packaging, why you don’t focus on its packaging. A tie is a professional wear, so its packaging should also be professional. In this way, the option of custom tie boxes is the best. In this way, customization can enhance the look of your product and make your product professional.

Importance of Customization

Customization is the process of reform of the boxes according to your needs and wants. In this way, you have to design a tie box that it will attract the customer and increase your sales. There are different dimensions of designs and styles are available in the market, you can choose any style for your tie and grab customer interest. Customization allows you to choose any design and packaging, custom boxes manufacturer provide you the best service for it. The different look of your product will attract the customer’s eye to your custom tie boxes.   

Selection of Tie Box

As you know, there is a variety of styles of boxes, so choose the perfect one from them. Moreover, you can also style your boxes according to your desire because customization allows you to be fully exempt in the selection and design. Following are some attractive styles of the boxes that can give you an idea about the boxes.

  • Sleeve Boxes: Sleeve boxes are the most used boxes because it has the capability to attract customer. There is also the option to make a die-cut on the front of the boxes so the customers can easily choose the product without opening the box.
  • Window Die-Cut Out Boxes: These boxes are rectangular-shaped boxes, you can die-cut on these boxes of any shape and design that you want to make on them. Moreover, you can die-cut any design or window cut-out in the front of the box.   
  • Flip Top Magnetic Lid Boxes: This is the luxury box that gives a professional look to your tie. In the manufacturing of these boxes, high-quality material is used. The magnetic lid is placed at its cap so the box is firmly packed so it can protect the tie from dust. There are also two shapes that can use for the tie packaging one is the square, and the other is flat. In the square-shaped box, the tie is packed in a roll, and in the rectangular-shaped box, the tie is packed in a fold and flat shape. 

Furthermore, there are many styles that you can use for your tie but while choosing the box, keep in mind that you have to choose that box that can protect your tie from dust. Also, use die-cut designs or windows that customers can choose the tie easily.

Make your Tie Boxes Attractive Through Printing

Designing is just the creativity of your mind and customization to design your product packaging on your own, so design it creatively that can attract the customer. 

  • Different Printing Types: There are three printings that are commonly used for printing on the boxes. There three printing are screen printing, digital printing, and offset printing. There printing plays an important role in designing your boxes.
  • Different Designs and Textures: You can design your tie boxes according to your desire. There are many texture designs that you can print on your tie boxes, like symmetrical designs, linear designs, three-dimensional designs, and much more.

Give Your Boxes Strength by Using Different Coatings

Coatings play an important role in providing strength and a different look to your boxes. There are the different coatings used for different purposes like:

  • Glossy Coating: Glossy coating can provide a shining look to your boxes and also give strength to your boxes. The benefit of using glossy coating is that it can attract the customer from far away.
  • Matte Coating: This coating provides your box with a smooth surface. The matte coating can look great if you use foil stamping on your custom tie boxes.

There are also more coatings that you can use, but these two are the commonly used. The coating can also make your boxes water-resistant and make your product safe even in the moisture environment. 

Use Add-Ons to Make Your Boxes More Charming

Add-ons are the additional material that is used to give a charming look and make your boxes more professional. Following are some add-ons discussed that can help you in getting an idea:

  • Die-Cut Windows: Die-cut windows are the cutting of your boxes from the front that gives a new look to your tie boxes. For this purpose, a transparent plastic sheet is used on the die-cut area that does not allow dust to enter inside the boxes. 
  • Foil Stamping: Foil is a shiny material, you can use it in designing of your boxes. Foil stamping makes your boxes alluring. You can use these foil stamping for printing your logo or company name on the boxes. So your boxes are also ready for the advertisement of your brand.
  • Embossing and Debossing: Embossing and debossing is the process of forcing a specific surface of the box outward and inward. In embossing, design is forced outward, and in debossing, design is forced inward. You can also use these embossing and debossing styles for your company logo and name to prominent it. 


You have got an idea from this article now, you can design your custom tie boxes in a way that it can attract the customer and help you in boosting your sales. You can also use your custom tie boxes for advertisement by printing your company logo and name on the boxes.