How to Plant a Living Terrarium in Singapore at Home

Living terrariums are gaining popularity in Singapore. The importance of having plants indoors, especially during the winter months, is very well documented. Humans need nature, and we become depressed when we don’t have it around us. There are many benefits to owning a living terrarium in Singapore. The first thing you should know about living terrariums is that they must be planted correctly for them to grow correctly and survive long-term (or for some time at least). There are no set rules on what plants you can or cannot put into a terrarium; however, there is definitely a “right” type of planting that will provide the best results.

The benefits of owning a living terrarium include that they are great for people who don’t have the time or space to maintain larger gardens, and they’re also an excellent way to show off your green thumb without taking up too much room! Living terrariums come with many different plants, flowers, shrubs, vines, and more so you can experiment with different species within this simple setup.

How do you make one for yourself?!

You may be thinking “how do I start my own?” Well, the first step is getting all the materials together: potting soil (enough to fill your container), sand (to cover the bottom), rocks (to create drainage holes) then filling it up with water until it’s about 3/4 full. The next step is to carefully remove your plants from their container and tease apart the roots so you have a good separation between them, then trim the length of the roots if needed. Plant your plants in your terrarium by carefully adding soil around them until they are snugly in place, making sure not to pack them too tightly or damage the plant’s roots due to shifting.

Then fill in with more soil or sand up until about 1 inch from the top of your container. Add a thin layer of pebbles over this coarse material before filling all remaining space in your container with water. Be careful during this step because you don’t want any overflow! Place plant saucers underneath the container when moving it back into its permanent spot, and let it sit for 24 hours before letting the water drain down into the saucers. Your living terrarium in Singapore is now ready to be used!

What is a living terrarium?

A living terrarium in Singapore is an indoor garden that reflects the environment of a natural ecosystem. The main components of this type of gardening are soil, water, and plants. It’s not only exquisite to look at, but also offers several benefits like connecting with nature, personal growth, and mental health. Plants that are perfect for your new living terrarium. Araceae family:  The Crocodile Plant or Amorphophallus konjac, an evergreen perennial with a large green spathe and red-brown spadix.

It’s easy to maintain, so it’s perfect for first-timers. Sedum genus: There are about 400 species of this family found growing naturally on different continents all around the world, which makes them very suitable for terrariums because they are low-maintenance. The Common Stonecrop is one type that thrives well indoors even without much sunlight exposure. Hoya genus: This family has 300 species that are native mainly to Asia, Australia, and Madagascar. Popular hoyas include wax plants (Hoya carnosa), wax vine (H. carnosa ‘Krinkle Curl’), and waxflower (H. carunculata).

Tips for maintaining your living terrarium 

Use a tablespoon of water with a teaspoon of liquid plant food once a week to feed the plants in the terrarium. Add additional pebbles or decorative stones to the soil when needed to help moisture drain through. Check the temperature regularly during the warmer months to keep it at 75 degrees F or above. If you’re adding moss, be sure not to overwater it in order to prevent rot. A living terrarium in Singapore is a great option if you want something different from your usual potted plant. However, living in terrariums doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, which means that you can spend more time enjoying them rather than taking care of them. Whether you’re interested in having a home terrarium because it’s beautiful and unique or because you want to bring life into your office space, there are many benefits to owning one. You might be surprised at how easy creating a little ecosystem is!


Want to create a living terrarium in Singapore? Here are all the tips you need to know. The benefits of having one at home, what it is and why anyone would want one, how you can make your own for yourself, as well as some helpful maintenance tips. If this sounds like something you’re interested in trying out, take a look through our guide on creating an indoor garden that suits your preferences!  If we missed anything, please ask us below!