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Pirates Pirate Piercale: It is ready to destroy the old Dongjia Giant

Tampawan Pirates will face the New York Giants on Monday night, wholesale nfl jerseys usa while Jason Pierre-Paul has already fights strongly for this game.

Many times, players will die in the face of old things. However, Pierre Paul, who has been effective for giants in 2010 and 2017, clearly said that this game is very important to him.

“This game will definitely have a special meaning,” said Pierre Paul as Friday.

After joining Tampawan pirates, Pierre Paul had two chances of facing the old people, but they were affected by injuries. In the 2018 competition, he was affected by the knee injury, but still clicked 1.5 times in the game. The pirates finally reported with 35-38. In the last season, due to the fracture of the car accident, Pierre Paul was absent the game. The pirates lifts 31-32.

“I can finally face them this year. I am completely recovered, I am going to play,” Pierve Paul said. “I try to see what I can do. I already know what I will do, but I want to see what I can do.”

In this game, wholesale nfl jerseys usa Pierre Paul’s first faced giants Daniel Jones, not their own old friends Eli Manning. The giant has made the opponent to get 20 times this season, so they have to pay more attention to Pierve Paul.

“I am very pleased to be able to face Daniel – Eli Jones was not there, so I do not have to pull him up and said, & lsquo;. Eli, brother, you Zeyang & rsquo; I will attack toward their necks? They know this, Jason Pierre, where I will go. I will play Monday night, I will destroy the giant. This is my personal goal, but I still love them, “Pierve Paul smiled. Say.

The giant passed Pierll Paul to pirates through the transaction. During this time, he made 72 tackles 21.0 sacks in 26 games. Such a performance makes the giant’s transaction decision to be questioned.

Obviously, Pierre Paul will try again in this Monday night game to prove that the giant has made a mistake.