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Saints coach: work concept makes Brisare longevity

Beijing July 18, 2014, 35-year-old quadruple-Bris (Drew Brees) told the media that he intended to hit 45 years old. After four years of past, 39-year-old Bris said: “will be determined according to the annual situation.”

At least, the conspiracy of time did not succeed in Bris and Tom Brady.

Saint Parston said: “Now and not before. Braddy and others will pay attention to the balance of diet, usually actively exercise, sleep also regularly. In exchange to 25 years ago, Lun – Tao Len Dawson will also smoke when you have a break in the middle of the game. People have changed a lot, combined with the Work philosophy and talents of Brisses, the longevity career is possible. “

Briser’s pass rate of 72% last season, a new creative color, the number of passes (386), also loses the first. Last season, Bris passed the ball number 8.1, advanced 4334 yards, and made 23 reachaes. Bris and Breddy are expected to break through Penton Manning’s career records, between the two people, more favored by Bris.

Bris is also expected to surpass Manning to become a career, he is only 1496 yards from Manning.