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Quartz Wei Mefield slammed Brown improper handle, Beckham injury

In recent days, the news related to Xia Audel-Beckham Jr., Cleveland, and Odell Beckham Jr., continues to attract foreign concerns. And now his teammates are also involved.

In the case of being asked by the Bakeham, when he worked in this season, Baker Mayfield was amazing.

“I think he did not take proper treatment,” Mefield said. “He can’t run like he should be as he knows. He is very frustrated. You can feel his frustration and depression. So our trainer does not properly handle his injury. So this is Fact. He doesn’t have 100% health, but it is still good enough for us. “

Baker Ham’s injury problem explained why he did not expect this season. He and Mefield lack a tacit understanding in many times. But interesting is that Mefield slammed the team on this issue.

“I think I should solve this problem earlier,” Melfield said. “I think it is obviously very well understood. However, he may have only need to miss the (season), one or twice. This is the case according to the facts during the training camp.”

“The fact is this. We are now this situation now. Now solve it too late. He reluctantly struggled. He brought injured. This shows what kind of person he is.”

Not long, Merfield apologized to the speech of the team in Twitter. He said: “My original intention is not to attack our medical team. No, I don’t know all the facts about Odel injury. I have an emotion to answer this question because I can feel his depression, I care about my teammate, Let us win the best state. The people of our team know what I mean and what I said. I sincerely believe this, I apologize to those who should not be criticized …. Today’s team It has been great victory. Start to prepare the next game. “

Beckham has been predicated in the season, and how it is affected, but he once again mentioned his entire season again in the near future.

Mefield’s comment may be the most interesting point, cheap jerseys online because the outside world is discussing if the outside world is discussing whether Baker Hem is happy and how this will affect his future. His contract will not have redundant salary of salary in the 2019 season, meaning that the team can cut him casually. However, given the strength of Beckham, Brown is unlikely to make this decision.

But there have been speech for Bakeham who is dissatisfied with Brown to leave the team. The similar rumors have also been for nfl jerseys a long time before he finally left New York giants.

However, the Brown, who has just got a victory, still has a hoped hope. Their all centers are put on the outer card. But after the season is over, we may hear more rumors.