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Seattle Hawk signed the old back to attack de Wen – Huste

Just as Devin Hester felt that he had no chance, there was a team to extend his olive branch to him.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Seattle Hawk signed this old back attack before the playoffs of the Detroit Lion, according to the inspectors. Hester then confirmed this news on the Personal Instagram account.

Before Hester, the Baltimore Crow was working in 12 games. He gave up by the team in December. After that, he did not ask for it, it seems to have a way to retire.

Before he was cut off, Hester averaged the kicks and attacked only 7.2 yards and dropped 5 times. He did not participate in the playoffs since the 2010 season for Chicago Bear.

The Sea Eagle encountered a person in the attack on the playoffs at the beginning of the playoffs. Because Tayler Lockett is reimbursed due to injuries, the Hawks can only make changes in the game competition, let the Richard Sherman served as an argument. He completed 1 attack and advanced 6 yards.

After signing Huste, the Hawow found at least the person choice for the stop loss, and the best case Hester can bring a threat to the opponent.