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The first training performance after packaging is still

The recovery of the Green Bay packaging team four-point 阿 阿 Rogers, wholesale cheap football jerseys the recovery of the calf injury has always been the focus of this week, cheap nike nfl jerseys local time on Thursday, Rogers finally returned to the familiar training ground, according to the Packaging Team Coach Mike McCarthy revealed that Rogers’s state is not bad. “He participated in the whole team to work and did the project we asked him to do, everything was smooth, as long as he participated in the training, then it must be a good sign.”

Rogers also looks forward to the weekend and Dallas Deni team: “I will have to participate in the Sunday game, just the problem of the state.” There have been reports that Rogers left legs have a slight tear and cheap nfl jerseys accompanied by obvious Tight feelings, nfl jerseys he may not be fully investing in the game.

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