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49 people have canceled the trial of McGlinch to avoid people’s eyes

Before the start of the draft, 49 people have clarified the first round of Show Choices: Attacking True Mike – Mike McGlinchey. They also used the No. 9 sign to take this Notadeg University player. But before putting into action, Cheap NFL Jerseys 49 people did not want to leak the wind, and they were afraid that they would be traded up by other teams.

Therefore, 49 people really did their best to avoid people’s eyes, Cheap Jerseys From China and they even canceled McGlinch training. General Manager John Lynch said that after studying the video of McGlinch, 49 people have fully understood him, do not need to confirm anything more than a trial or interview.

“Bring him to the interview, will not let him change, so we will decide so, and let us become quietly sound & rsquo;” Lynch said, “When the body measurement, we are right to him The love is getting stronger and stronger. But we didn’t let him trial, just afraid of being like other teams. “

McGlinge didn’t know that 49 people had seen him so early: “I have no hair, it is really shocking. But I am also excited to be a member of 49 people.”