Crankshaft Position Sensor – CKP Sensor – Faults and Procedures

The Crankshaft Place Sensor or Crankshaft Place Sensor CKP measures the revolutions per minute RPM or rotation of the engine, in addition to the precise place of the crankshaft to find out the precise second by which the cylinders are at high useless heart.

What does this imply?

The automobile’s ECU laptop acknowledges the rotation of the crankshaft and identifies cylinder number one, considering the sign emitted by the CKP when studying the enamel of the reluctor (gear that’s hooked up to the tip of the crankshaft)

On this method, the ECU determines the ignition sequence (Coils, spark plug and spark), in addition to the opening of the injector pulse.

Which means that with out a CKP sensor an digital engine wouldn’t fireplace, since there isn’t any command for the injection pulse, nor ignition, from the engine laptop ECU.

Now, there’s additionally the likelihood that the sensor is put in and but the Eu doesn’t ship pulse to the injectors and ignition, and you will see that that the trigger is: unhealthy set up of the sensor, or unhealthy set up of the reluctor throughout a restore.

Let’s examine in depth the operation of the Crankshaft Place Sensor or CKP Crankshaft Place Sensor

The CKP sensor is put in in such a method that the enamel of the toothed wheel or reluctor, which is commonly hooked up to the damper or crankshaft pulley, move via the entrance of the magnetic tip of the sensor or sensor reader.

1. CKP Sensor – 2. Sprocket or Reluctor

When this occurs the sensor sends a sign to the ECU laptop, and after processing this sign, the ECU determines the precise level of rotation of the crankshaft, and subsequently the place of every of the cylinders at high useless heart.

When this toothed wheel is popping, the passing of the enamel by the sensor reader causes a pulse.

Every tooth of the reluctor is a pulse despatched to the ECU, nonetheless the wheel at a given level, as an alternative of bringing a tooth, leaves a clean area, so the ECU, not receiving this pulse, calculates the place of the crankshaft (there are circumstances the place this area may be two enamel).

It’s important that this sprocket or reluctor be put in in compliance with the specs in every producer’s service guide.

There are circumstances by which the engine is repaired and through the meeting, accidentally they hit this wheel, and the automobile begins to generate failures, because the unique situations of the identical are modified.

crankshaft reluctor ckp sensor
Reluctor GM Arming Information

One other necessary side is the set up of the pulley with its information. Since usually the pulley in one in all its blades has a gap that should coincide with a information that comes with the engine block.

Ignition spark and Crankshaft place sensor

In combustion engines, for gasoline to burn effectively, the cylinder must be at high useless heart, which implies that the combustion chamber has ample gasoline and stress. Solely the spark could be lacking and the explosion happens contained in the cylinder.

Due to this fact it’s essential that the ignition has to start with an order, and secondly that it happens on the actual second that the aforementioned situations are met contained in the combustion chamber.

In any other case, the engine doesn’t begin and likewise the injectors don’t activate.

From right here derives the significance and the necessity to have the Crankshaft Place Sensor for a exact measurement that signifies to the ECU the precise second of ignition in order that it sends the required instructions to the actuators.

CKP Sensor Faults

There are two forms of CKP sensors: magnetic CKP sensors and optical CKP sensors.

The magnetic kind CKPs are principally present in fashions of the primary digital injection techniques. (90’s, early 2000).

These sensors use a pickup coil that outputs an AC-type voltage.

Alternatively, there are the brand new optical or corridor impact sensors, which use extra trendy expertise and emit a sq. sign to the ECU, and which is plotted with an automotive oscilloscope.

Relying on which sensor you might be intervening in, this will likely be the kind of failure.
Nevertheless, there are widespread signs which are repeated from model to model of automobile, no matter whether or not it’s Kia Rio, Chevrolet Aveo, Honda FIT or even when it’s a bike.

For instance, it is extremely simple to seek out anomalies within the CKP Vario 115 Sensor and CKP Vario 110 LED Sensor, that are Honda model bikes, and regardless of this, you’ll clear up these faults by following the methodology that we’ll point out beneath:

Fault “Engine doesn’t begin”

The very first thing to test is that if there’s a reference voltage of 5 Volts on the sensor connector.

After this test we advise you carry out a bodily inspection of the sensor as this CKP sensor is positioned in a heavy obligation space and could also be excessively contaminated.

Additionally test the sensor connector, as many intermittent failures are attributable to poor connection on the terminal, which can have an effect on the studying of the reluctor wheel enamel.

If the Verify Engine warning mild is on, you need to proceed to a studying of the DTC bother codes saved within the ECU.

Instance of a CKP Sensor DTC


This fault code is generated by the ECU when the CMP which measures the camshaft place, doesn’t have a correlation with the CKP sensor sign on Financial institution 1.

CKP and CMP sensor correlation
Correlation with CMP Sensor

When this code seems, the engine begins with issue and tends to cease operating. It additionally has lack of energy and elevated gasoline consumption.

For this specific case, test the camshaft timing chain, together with engine lubrication situations.

Additionally test the graphical sign from the sensors utilizing the automotive oscilloscope to search for abnormalities. You’ll be able to evaluate the correlation of CKP and CMP sensor sign with this software.

If you wish to be taught the diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures on the CKP sensor, instantly entry the next free CKP Crankshaft Place Sensor course.